Servicing Your Floorcare Machines
Serving the Southern Denver Metro Area

Incredibles! Equipment and Repair
will service and repair your floorcare machines.  We are not the largest, but in fact small enough to provide personal service and fast equipment turnaround.

What We Offer:

  •         Scheduled Pick Up and Return.  We will pick up your equipment at your location, service it, and return it.  All you need to do is phone, text or email us!
  •         60 Day Warranty.  We warranty each repair for 60 days against the same failure.
  •         Online Repair Tracking.  Each piece of equipment we receive has it's status displayed on this website.  From receiving through delivery; you can find out exactly where your equipment is at in the repair process.
  •         End of Year History Report of All Your Equipment.  We keep a history on each piece of your equipment with parts used and items serviced.  You can use this to help forcast and budget for replacement equipment.
  •         Low Prices.  We only charge $40.00 per hour for labor with a minimum of 1 hour charged per equipment piece.
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